West Virginia e-Directive Registry

  • Accurate, relevant information available in a medical crisis
  • 24/7 online access by health care providers through WVHIN
  • Patients' wishes will be respected throughout the continuum of health care settings
  • The Registry is voluntary and patients must Opt-In to have their forms included

Organizations with Provisioned Registry Users

(effective 7/1/15)

Hospitals - 29
Nursing Homes - 11
Home Care Agencies - 1
Private Practice/Other - 44
TOTAL = 92


NEW WV e-Directive Registry VIDEOS

Introduction to the WV e-Directive Registry  CLICK HERE

Submitting advance directive forms and medical orders to the WV e-Directive Registry  CLICK HERE

Searching the WV e-Directive Registry for advance directive forms and medical orders  CLICK HERE

Public and Health Care Provider Registry Information

Release of Information Forms

Disclaimer: The West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care has entered into the WV e-Directive Registry advance directive forms, Do Not Resuscitate cards, and Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST) forms sent to it by the public or health care professionals.  The Center does not take responsibility for the completion of the forms or the accuracy of the information in them.  The completion and accuracy are the responsibility of the persons completing the form.  The failure of the person or person's medical power of attorney representative or surrogate to submit a form to the WV e-Directive Registry does not mean that the person wants or refuses certain treatment.