Ensuring West Virginians will have their wishes respected
and pain controlled at the end of life


The WV e-Directive Registry is available for online access by treating health care providers. CLICK ON THE LOGO to the LEFT to access information about the Registry, instructions on how to submit advance directive documents and medical orders, and the documents necessary for health care providers to gain access. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW FAX NUMBER.


WV Office of Emergency Medical Services Access to the WV e-Directive Registry

The WV EMS System now has access to the WV e-Directive Registry through their 5 Medical Command Centers.  This will allow Medical Communicators to have access to DNR cards, POST forms, and advance directives for medically unstable patients being treated by field teams thus allowing patient’s wishes to be honored when these documents can’t be otherwise located. Click on this link to download the training webinar.

ED Physicians and Use of the WV e-Directive Registry

Emergency room physicians may be called upon to access the WV e-Directive Registry for medically unstable patients arriving at their facility.  This training video will explain the value of the Registry in honoring these patients wishes. Click on this ling to download the training webinar.




Supported by funding from the WV Department of Health and Human Resources